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2014 Stem Cell Pioneer Awards

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Stem Cell Awards Ceremony recognizing those pioneers in the field of Regenerative Therapy. Highlights of a few of the patients treated from 2006 to present. Treatments for heart, lung, neurologic and other diseases.

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Watch and see how some of the treated patients are doing - Awards Ceremony Click here to watch the highlights

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Leading the World in Regenerative Cell Therapy

If you are searching the web for stem cell doctors because you or a loved one suffer from severe heart, lung, or circulatory problems, it is possible that the latest therapies using adult stem cells can restore your quality of life to an unexpected level.

Because adult stem cell therapies are safe, simple, and minimally-invasive, they particularly help those who have exhausted the possibilities of other treatments.



Regenocyte is a group of stem cell doctors leading the world in the therapeutic use of adult stem cell therapy. Headquartered on the Gulf Coast of Florida in Bonita Springs, Florida. Regenocyte is comprised of both US and international Physicians and staff  with extensive training and experience in adult stem cell therapy.

Treatments using the patient’s own activated adult stem cells have been shown to restore a significant amount of normal function that had been written off as gone forever. With increases in function, patients recover their independence from medications, breathing devices and other kinds of medical apparatus. They may be freed from their dependence upon others.

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