Ask Regenocyte

1.What is The Regenocyte Treatment Process?

2.What conditions can be treated this way ?

3.Once a patient decides to get treatment,what can they expect when they come in to see you ?

4.How much does the treatment cost?

5.Is it covered by insurance?

6.How long does the complete process take the vlood draw to returning to the U.S?

7.Are there any age limitations?

8.How many patients have you treated?

9.Can i speak to some of your patients?

10.What are adult stem cells?

11.How are Regenocytes different than standard adult stem cells?

12.How are adult stem cells different than embryonic stem cells?

13.What is the Regenocyte treatment process?

14.How are stem cells reinserted?

15.What does the treatment offer patients?

16.How soon can I expect results?

17.How long do the results last?

18.What results can heart patients expect?

19.What results can lung patients expect?

20.What results can patients with peripheral vascular disease expect?

21.What are the risks?

22.What is the controversy surrounding stem cell therapy?

23.Why aren't you involved in FDA clinical trials?

24.Where are the procedures performed?

25.What other diseases can you treat this way?

26.How do you determine if i'm a candidate?

27.If I'm treated with adult stem cells,will I still be able to have standard treatments in the future if needed?

28.How long should I wait before deciding upon Regenocyte stem cell therapy?

29.How long does it take to recover from the procedure?

30.If I'm on oxygen,can I travel out of the country to recieve the treatment?