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Regenocyte Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Disease


I wanted to send you a brief post-treatment memo.

Everything went well! A little confusion with the cell delivery, but no big deal.

Yanely could not have been a more of a gracious hostess. With her local knowledge, excellent command of the English language, knowledge of the procedure, interaction with the doctors and staff was absolutely superb! The down side was her adherence to Regenocyte’s post-procedure protocol….making me use a wheelchair and worst of all, no alcohol! She did a GREAT job!

The physicians and staff were also excellent. My favorite was Victor the Anesthesiologist. Besides wakening me up and having a good sense of humor, he gave me a good dose of intra-venous Dominican Voo-Doo juice, I didn’t know anything until I was in recovery…again, well done.

The entire experience was a 5 of 5 stars! Now if the treatment is half as good as the procedural experience…I’m looking good!