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Tissue regeneration as next-generation therapy for COPD – potential applications
Shunsuke Ohnishi, Noritoshi Nagaya, International Journal of COPD 2008

Challenges in the Development of Autologous Cell Therapy Products
Yael Porat, Danny Belkin, Adina Belleli, Jacov Elkayam, Daphna Shimoni, Svetlana Porozov, Ina Sarel, Issar Ash, Valentin Fulga – BioProcessing Journal – Trends and Developments in BioProcess Technology

Isolation of an adult blood-derived progenitor cell population capable of differentiation into angiogenic, myocardial and neural lineages.
Yael Porat, Svetlana Porozov, Danny Belkin, Daphna Shimoni, Yehudit Fisher, Adina Belleli, David Czeiger, William F. Silverman, Michael Belkin, Alexander Battler, Valentin Fulga and Naphtali Savion – British Journal of Haematology 2006

Treatment of Patients with Severe Angina Pectoris Using Intracoronary Injected Autologous Blood-Borne Angiogenic Cell Precursors – Final Results
Damras Tresukosol, David Czeiger, Yael Porat, Danny Belkin, Adina Belleli, Michael Belkin, Valentin Fulga, Suphachai Chaithiraphan

Human angigenic cell precursors restore function in the infarcted rat heart: A comparison of cell delivery routes
Zhuo Sun, Jun Wu, Hiroko Fujii, Jiang Wu, Shu-Hong Li, Svetlana Porozov, Adina Belleli, Valentin Fulga, Yael Porat, Ren-Ke Li – The European Journal of Heart Failure 2008

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